About Us

About Us

Lamps of WonderLand. have been working with Turkish Lamps for over 3 years. In the beginning, we were buying the finished mosaic lamps from suppliers and then selling online. 2 years ago we began making the lamps ourselves in our Istanbul Atelier. Our artisans are mostly housewives. We buy the naked globes & glass from suppliers and make them into beautiful mosaic lamps. Big glass pieces are hand cut 1 by 1 and made into small glass mosaic pieces. Each mosaic lamp is made by putting/ gluing each mosaic piece 1 by 1 onto the globes. We use glass mosaic pieces and glass beads to cover the globes. Designs are countless and as vast as your imagination. We also have a small shop in Grand Bazaar (Eminonu Region of Istanbul), one of the oldest and largest covered markets in the world with over 4000 small shops.

We genuinely understand the value of money and time, which is why we provide you with the most cost-effective and efficient online shopping experience. We bring you an easy access to the highest-quality, most valuable and economical products all under one roof. We have categorized in the best possible way so the users don’t face technical issues while browsing the website.

All of our products pass quality control tests from the production stage to the selection stage and the packaging stage of your order. We stand behind our products so we provide replacements for FREE for 6 months after your order is delivered. Problems like damage and breakage might happen during transit due to courier handling but we immediately send replacements by FREE EXPRESS shipping upon getting the photos of the broken items.

We are THE MANUFACTURER so there is no middle man in the process. That is why we are able to offer our merchandise at extremely low prices. Please check your local stores for Mosaic Lamps and you will see at least 1.5 X the prices. We also ship FREE from Turkey to The US, The UK and Canada using EXPRESS shipping services.

At, you will be sure to find stunning gifts for everyone on yor gift list. And probably to yourself. Our unique hand made conversation piece lamps give any room a multicolored exoticness that looks way more expensive than it costs.


Happy Shopping!